Pregnancy Services with Catholic Charities

pregnant-womanAt A Caring Connection, we offer FREE, CONFIDENTIAL,CARING, AND PROFESSIONAL PREGNANCY SERVICES to anyone who is troubled by an unexpected pregnancy, regardless of race, ethnic/national origin, religious or marital status.  We provide services throughout the state and will meet with you in your home or a site in your community.

It is our aim to help you in making your decision by listening to your concerns and needs, assisting you in finding answers to your questions, and helping you to make the best decision for you and your baby.  A Caring Connection can help you understand more about yourself, your pregnancy, the new life growing inside you, and help you create a positive plan for you and your child’s future.

Services are available for women and men of all ages to assist them in deciding whether to parent their child or make an adoption plan.  A pregnancy affects more than the pregnant woman alone; therefore, others may be involved in counseling, including the child’s father, a spouse or significant other, and other family members or friends.

How to Know Which Option is Best for You and Your Baby

Things to think about:

Am I ready to parent a child?
• Who will help me?
• Is the father of the baby able and willing to help?
• What do I want for my child and his/her life?
• How will my decision to parent or make an adoption plan for this child affect my ability to care for my other children?
• Do I have the money and resources I need to care for a child?
• Will it be possible to parent this child and still achieve my goals for school and/or career?

We will assist you in exploring these and many other issues — and looking at how both adoption and parenting options would affect your future and your child’s future.

At A Caring Connection we spend time with expectant parents helping them to look at their situations and the resources available. Services provided will fit your needs and will be confidential.

Parenting as an Option

If you choose to parent your child, we can assist you in finding needed items such as clothing and baby supplies. We offer parenting education and information on resources in your community that may be helpful to you.

Choosing Adoption

young_woman3People choose adoption for various reasons, most of which are very personal. Some are not ready to be the kind of parent they want their child to have. Some are professionals, some are married, and some are already parenting. Some are not in a stable relationship and want their child to grow up with two parents. Regardless of the reason, adoption is a loving way of making sure your child has the future that you plan for him/her.

A Caring Connection views each child and each adoption as unique and sacred. You choose the type of adoption plan for your future and that of your child. You decide what type of contact you desire to have with the adoptive family.

In an OPEN ADOPTION, you choose the adoptive family and have the opportunity to maintain contact throughout the years. You can select a family for your child from albums containing pictures, letters and information about their lifestyle. You and the prospective adoptive couple/family meet and decide the level of contact you feel would be best. You have the opportunity to get to know one another and maintain contact throughout the child’s life through visits, calls, emails, letters and pictures.

In a SEMI-OPEN ADOPTION, you may choose the adoptive family and may or may not maintain contact through the agency. You can exchange letters, pictures, gifts, etc. through the agency. Identifying information may or may not be exchanged.

In a CLOSED ADOPTION there is no identifying information exchanged and no contact after the adoptive placement. All health and non-identifying social information is provided to the adoptive family so that it may benefit the child in the future.

A Caring Connection can guide you through the adoption process, but you are able to make the decisions.

• You can choose a loving family for your child.
• You can decide if you want the adoptive family at the hospital.
• You can decide if you want an open, semi-open, or closed adoption.

A Caring Connection has families who are available and ready to parent. They have been carefully screened and educated on adoption issues. You may go through profiles of families approved and ready to adopt and choose the one that meets the criteria you have in mind for your child.

Why Choose A Caring Connection?


We are available to be there and provide you with the support you may need during and after your pregnancy.

• We have offices located throughout Kentucky and will travel to meet you — even on evenings and weekends.

• We work with you, your needs, and your situation.

• We serve anyone experiencing a pregnancy.

• We will not pressure you!

• We believe this is your decision to make and want to provide honest information regarding the parenting and adoption options available to you.




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859.253.1993 ext. 214 or 216

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Frequently Asked Questions

01. What if I already brought my child home from the hospital and now realize I cannot give this child what they need? Is it too late to place my child for adoption?

No, it is not too late to make an adoption plan. A Caring Connection will work with you to find a loving famiy for your child.

02. My baby may not be born healthy. Are there families who would adopt a child that is not healty?

A Caring Connection has successfully placed infants who were born with genetic or health issues. We are part of a larger network that can assist us if we are unable to place a child.

03. Do I have to be Catholic to work with A Caring Connection?

No, we serve persons of all faiths and those not affiliated with any particular faith.

04. How can I be sure the adoptive family I choose is the best one for my child?

The best way to feel comfortable with your decision is to meet the family you choose and form your own opinion. Our families live in Kentucky -- close enough to travel to meet you prior to an adoption. Because we are a small, local and private adoption agency, we get to know our families well and can recommend them.

05. Does A Caring Connection offer financial assistance during pregnancy?

We realize that you may experience financial difficulties during your pregnancy. You may have to take time off from work for doctor's appointments or sickness and this can affect your income. The staff at A Caring Connection can assist you in finding resources you may need.

If you choose adoption, we pay for the legal fees for the adoption. If you do not qualify for medical assistance, we cover medical costs in most situations. If needed, we may be able to help with other expenses during and immediately after the pregnancy so that you can get back on your feet after the adoption.