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2 years ago
Insensitive and Discouraging Comments While Waiting to Adopt

"I'm so excited to be moving forward in the adoption process, but, when I share that news, I've been surprised and frankly dismayed at some of the reactions I've gotten. These range from dismissive ... See more

2 years ago
Attachment and Adoption: Learning to Call Me Mom

In this personal essay, one adoptive mother describes how she knew attachment was complete, when her daughter called her mom.

2 years ago
Witnessing His Birth Mother's Graduation Ceremony

An adoptive mother in a domestic open adoption writes about the difficulties in getting to her son's birth mother's graduation from high school.

2 years ago
"I Grew to Love Grace's Birth Mom"

I didn't want my child to have two mothers, but my friendship with Grace's birth mom became an important part of my life—one I wouldn't want any other way.

2 years ago
Always Be Open to Talking About Adoption

Even when your child no longer brings up his adoption, it doesn't mean it's off his mind. Make sure he knows you're always open to talking about adoption.

2 years ago
The Day Our Foster Son Became Our Boy Forever

After years being his foster parents, Matthew and Natalie Brumfield bring friends and family together as they officially adopt Braxton as their son forever. ...

2 years ago

There are thousands of children and teens in foster care who need the love and support of an adoptive family.

2 years ago
Opening My Children's Adoption from Foster Care

After adopting my children from foster care, we opened contact with their birth mother. She and I couldn’t be more different, and I’m glad. The kids have a special relationship with her that they ... See more

2 years ago
Lessons I’ve Learned from My Adopted Children

Renee Hettich, LMSW, an adoption social worker, foster, and adoptive parent shares some of the lessons her foster and adoptive children have taught her over the decades.

3 years ago
Teens Speak Out About Open Adoption

Three adolescents share their experiences with open adoption, and how they feel about their relationships with their birth family.

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