Hoping to Adopt?

Domestic Adoption

family4The adoption process begins with adoption education and a home study — an assessment designed to prepare families for adoption, as well as to ensure that a safe and stable environment is provided for the adoptive child.

Placement activities include coordinating information between the adoptive family and birth (biological) family, and working with attorneys and the court system to assure the adoption complies with federal and state laws.  A Caring Connection utilizes specialized attorneys in the field of adoption to assure that the rights and responsibilities of all parties are honored.

Post-placement supervision includes on-going educational and support services to the adoptive family.

When an adoption plan is chosen, the birth parent(s) may help select the adoptive family for the child and may select an “open” or “closed” adoption.

Fees for domestic adoption placements are on a sliding scale based upon the income of the adoptive couple.

familyAdoption Home Studies

A Caring Connection conducts comprehensive home studies, required for families desiring a child through domestic adoption.

The home study is one of the first steps of the adoption process.  This assessment is designed to prepare families for adoption as well as to ensure that a safe and stable environment is provided for the adoptive child.  Professional staff members from A Caring Connection conduct the home study and fees are associated with this process.

An adoption home study includes the following:

• home visits
• personal interviews
• autobiographical information
• background checks including checks for child abuse and criminal records
• personal references
• current and past health information
• income information
family2A Caring Connection staff members are available to answer questions and guide prospective parents through this process. It is common for families to feel stress and anxiety leading up to the home study. However, with accurate information, families can approach this pre-adoptive process with confidence and the joy that is part of welcoming a new child into the family.